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01 August 2011 @ 10:28 pm
OKAY. I have down time now so I'm going to write my con report. YEEAAAHHH

Anyway, Otakon 2011 was fun stuff. And when I mean fun I actually mean fun this time, I highly enjoyed myself. It felt so long but at the same time it went by so quickly. Which is a very strange combo but eh whatevs.

So on Wednesday I picked up Nicole and Jess from the airport, after which we went home and my parents were like SO WE'RE GOING OUT TO DINNER. I was sort of hnnng because there was still a lot to do but I wasn't going to argue--we were going out for Indian and curry is delicious. Afterwards we took a quick spin around DC to see the sights since neither of them had been in town before so that was good fun.

We didn't end up at Alex's until 8ish I think? There I styled Nicole's Anri wig and Jess helped out fitting the blazer. And after our Starbucks run it was mostly just finishing up Saika (hurrr durrr) and doing as much on Jude's jacket as we could. ...Yeah. We derped out at about 4.

THOUGH LOVELY AS MY BODY CLOCK IS I woke up at 9:30 the following morning so I finished up my packing while I waited for the others, who woke up around noon. All five of us (Me, Alex, Rachel, Nicole, and Jess) managed to head out around 2 and got there around 2:45ish which is probably the earliest we'd ever gotten to Otakon. This is impressive. There was no trouble whatsoever.

We checked in without much trouble either and afterwards we wandered the line to find someone we knew so we could line hop. We eventually reached the end of the line where Alex found Alison and Annie and Annie's brother so we jumped in there, and this chick behind us was like EXCUSE ME WHERE DID YOU COME FROM and we were like We're with them :| and made it very clear that we weren't going to follow rules and go to the back of the line. Now get out.

They had DRRR!! badges this year (YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS except they were just Shizuo and Izaya so I took it upon myself to write UZAI on Izaya's face) and the program guide had DRRR!! on it (except again it was Shizuo and Izaya so I took it upon myself to draw on Izaya's face) and it was just so exciting. I was excited. I haven't been in a fandom this large in FOREVER.

I don't really remember what happened afterward but eventually we hopped over to CVS to grab some food to tie us over until dinner at Hardrock so we were just kinda chillin' in the hotel and working on Jude and stuff. Seriously I don't really remember.

Oh right. It was in the prereg line or something when I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten Aoba. This was a major heart attack. So I called my parents like 50 times to try to figure something out but neither of them were picking up and I was like sob. My mom finally called back and was like WHAT'S WRONG!???! and I was like I forgot this.... so she agreed to come with my dad to drop it of sob I was so grateful that they did that without question seriously. And that crisis was averted (otherwise Alex would have been naked most of the weekend).

WEEEeee didn't end up eating til around 11/10ish maybe? There we met up with the Luceti peeps and there were margaritas called "ritas" there and Alex and I had a good laugh so she ordered one. And eating blah blah blah before Alex and I followed them back to their hotel where I could cut Kyo's hair. I felt kinda bad because it was a bit shorter than I intended but I was tired sob and there was a miscommunication about the hair dye so...

...on Friday we ended up getting up at 8:30 since the others had gone to bed earlier and Kyo came over for the dying nonsense. I left that to Alex since I had to do many makeup stuffs for Sophie. Kinda sad the wig wasn't as perky as I had intended it to be but oh well. That and it was kind of a bitch to keep on because urgh pigtails.

I think Nicole and Jess went on ahead first. Alex and I hadn't even gotten inside the con center yet when we were asked for our picture three times. :| Anyhow we ended up running into the other two who were wondering where the Dealer's room was, but we must have suggested against going so early or something because we then dropped Jess off at her movie before the four of us waddled over to eat lunch at the pavilion. And you know how hard it is to find a table there. We found one lone one and figured we were all small enough to fit so then we started searching for chairs... when this one guy who was sitting nearby just sort of. Handed them all over to us. It was strange.

Nicole and I were eating while Rachel and Alex went to go get their food when that chair guy from earlier was like. Hey. Are you going to this thing tomorrow night? And I was like um. idk? And he was like Well. I'll be there. It took me a while before I was like lmao did he seriously ask me/us out. I am dressed like a 14 year old girl this worries me

We made a pitt stop at the Hyatt on the way back to the con center so I could fix my wig and other fun things. It took a while but when we were ready to go...! Alison called saying she'd be over in a sec. So we waited for her before heading to the dealer's room to kill time before the Tales shoot.

Ohgod. In the dealer's room I saw this adorable clock (???) that was the Raira trio. I picked it up and seriously I began to tear up (DON'T LAUGH AT ME OK ok this is important) I was like SOB THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY AND SAD AT THE SAME TIME but I didn't buy it. Which was dumb because I should have. And now I am sad about it. Carly you should give me yours... Though I found the rubber strap collection things and I saw Mikado and I was like. I MUST HAVE THIS. So I did. And I put it on my badge. And I put it over Izaya's face. And all was well.

We met up with a few others like Carly and Madi and it was then that Alex realized that her phone was lost!? So she ran off and then Jess encountered us after her movie, and then Rachel was missing!? Chaos, I tell you.

Eventually it was just Carly and I as we chilled to wait for the Tales shoot when Alex finally reappeared... with no phone. There wasn't much we could do about it at that point so we headed on over to the Tales shoot which was pretty cool... More like. TELL ME WHAT TO DO. I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING :(

Afterwards we had a full Graces party to do a little mini private one but we didn't get much in at all which made me sad :( The Pascal had to leave so it was just us five sob. Then Carly, Alex, me, and associated people had to leave because of DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr

Jess ran off to do Madoka stuff while we went back to the hotel and I dyed Alex's hair and got dressed and helped Nicole into Anri and we did all the things and eventually we got there at like 8ish, in which we regrouped with Jess and decided to get food and whatnot. While we were waiting for her though, we were sitting in a circle and this random guy comes up to Nicole like "so are you from ouran...." and listed off some other anime with blue uniforms until he finally got to DRRR, and when he got to me he gave me a confused look... then he was like "Oh you're the kid that started the Dollars" (not even a name sob thanks) and then followed it up with "remind me to make sure to never let you around pens" and Alex held up her bandaged hand and he was like oh god too late

So we got to the shoot a little early and there were already people there and we hung around Carly and her friend Tiina as Kururi and Mairu a bit. Too shy to talk to anyone else.... sob this fandom. But at the same time I was SOEXCITED so I got out all my shit and sat like 8D waiting WHEN. The cockroach attacked. I've told this story like a bajillion times already but it's so amazing it must be retold. It was crawling all over Mairu's skirt while she screamed bloody murder, and Kururi was trying to get it off her when it jumped onto her and started skittering around her boobs and stuff. People were trying to brush it off when it finally went to the ground and there was a huge circle around it of Shizuos and other people with weapons pointed at it. I was like JESUS PEOPLE JUST KILL IT but no one did anything. So I went in there myself and stomped on it. As Mikado. A Shizuo came up to me a few moments later all, "You just killed an innocent bug :(" and I was like "I know B)".

Aw yeah.

The shoot finally began but I feel bad now because I missed half of it trying to run around and gather everyone. I didn't get in until they were calling out individual characters and I was definitely the only Mikado. I had my awesome sponge-like phone and my pen and shit and there was an Izaya nearby like hoshit don't mess with that one, he's got a pen and I was like /CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK

Alex for most of the time was like :| since she was pretty much dragged into it by me and she doesn't really know the series outside of what I've told her and doesn't know the fandom any better than I do. But when they called for the twins and Aoba, her face seriously changed to 8D! It was amazing.

I missed the Raira trio photo op :( SOB YOU GUYS SOB. Though eventually there was one more general one with me and Nicole-as-Anri in the center in which she sat on my knee. All five of those Masaomis were behind us and I didn't realize how many there were until they all started taking turns giving me bunny ears and I was like WHYYYY

There was a bloody Masaomi and us three got a picture together which was awesome and we chatted a little bit which was awesome before we gathered all our peeps for our mini DRRR shoot with KEEP OUT TAPE. No fun bugs on Alex's face this time. It didn't last very long because it was time for the Tales panel so me, Alex, and Carly derped on over...

We were a little late but all was fine and dandy. And it was hilarious to see that the bloody Masaomi from earlier was sitting behind us and stuff. I finally won something in the raffle--Eternia anthologies! I don't know Eternia that well but I was ok with it, but then Luna came up to me after like LOOK A HEARTS MOUSEPAD and i was like SCREAM and Alex was like GIVE IT TO HER SO SHE'LL SHUT UP so one Hearts mousepad obtained. B)

Alex's phone was recovered apparently so we went over to the Hyatt to retrieve it. Then we went back to the hotel to work on Jude... (And do you see all this? This was just Friday. Probably one of the longest effing days of my life.)

We got up at 8, but I had a bad headache and rolled around for a bit before dragging myself to eat breakfast. Alex was finishing sewing Jude and I started putting Milla on. It took me two hours to put her on. She was literally taped to my body but jesus christ she was a blast to wear. Jude's jacket was eventually finished and we didn't get out of the room until noonish or so. Starbucks was the first order of business before we got back to the con center.

Aaaaaand we were attacked by photographers. Since I was naked it wasn't too surprising, but the surprising part was that most of the people that took our picture were actually excited for the game. There were a few creepers here and there I bet but who knows. Anyway since I couldn't really walk up stairs due to leg ribbons and painful heels, we decided to head up to the 4th floor for the Luceti shoot. Lmao HI I'M UNKIE...... AND I PLAY MIKADO..... 8D sob i am shy around people i don't know

Then we waddled over to the Tales shoot. It was FABULOUS. I cheated and went up both times when they called for the heroes and also the heroines. YEAH FEMALE PROTAGONIST.

We headed off later with Annie to take a few Xillia pictures before deciding that Mexican food was a good idea. We were going to have dinner with Alex's friend Karen later that night but that wasn't going to happen until much later so it wasn't a bad idea. After eating we waddled back to the hotel to change back into Mikado and Aoba so we could take some pictures. This took a little longer than expected so we wandered around the con a little bit and SCREAM there was a Hibiya and Delic, but I freaked out a little and Alex had to take it for me sob i am so pathetic. No acknowledgement from their end or anything, so it was kind of a real realization that there are people in this fandom just for the gay. sob I am probably in the minority here.

Took some pictures of Nicole before Karen finally got here; Nicole headed back to the hotel to rest and the rest of us went to late dinner. IT WAS GOOD FUN, and then we returned back to our abandoned little spot to do some Mikado and Aoba shots. I do say that some of them turned out really well.

We ended up going to bed really late urrrgh, even though we wanted to turn in early but oh well. Sunday we got up 9ish and just packed everything and put it all in the car and stuff. Alex and I put on Mikado and Aoba (seriously I was not expecting to wear that so much) and went ahead and explored the dealer's room and the artist alley. I didn't get that damn clock sob and I'm sad about it sob BUT. I finally found the doujin booth ONLY BECAUSE there was a Psyche and Masaomi running it. There was a huuuge row of DRRR stuff but of course half of it was Shizuo/Izaya. The Psyche was like OHAAAAY A MIKADO AND AOBA AND KURURI and we was like sup and it was amazing. There wasn't any that particularly caught my interest (no Mikado/Aoba, basically) but the closest was Mikado/Izaya. So I got it... The two were like "oh, this pairing..." and then the Masaomi was like "well I guess if it's Bosskado, it's okay" and I was like hahahahhaahahhaah

After our wandering we headed to lunch with a massive group and it was delicious. We said our goodbyes and headed to the aquarium for SHARKS. We grabbed Starbucks on the way back to the car and besides accidentally going the wrong way on 66 (MY BAD) it was pretty uneventful.

I dropped Jess and Nicole off today so sob the house is kind of empty again. I have one more day of chillin before I leave for Cali to visit relatives. YUP

SO LIKE I SAID, this con felt so long but it also passed by real quick. On the way home I was like woah it's already over... and stuff. But I had so much fun also. Milla was definitely a blast to wear and had my feet not been killing me I would have kept her on longer. Her wig also held up a lot better than expected (AW YEA WIRE AND CAULK) and was actually easier to wear than both Mikado and Sophie's wig. There were so many malfunctions though I guess I just have to think through the functionality of it more if I wear her again... but I was so thoroughly satisfied lmao and I love that outfit okay I'll stop gushing now.

I TOOK ALMOST 600 PICTURES. This will take forever to go through, but I'm hoping to get them posted before I go to Cali (as in, sometime tomorrow). KEEP A LOOKOUT. :|b
Carly: Kidathinkoverroses on August 2nd, 2011 03:01 pm (UTC)
That innocent bug wasn't too innocent, since it was pretty into skirts and boobs...

We will have to wear DRRR!! again and get even more pictures. :D
茉莉: Durarara ;; ろっちーvesperia on August 24th, 2011 03:25 pm (UTC)
I agree with this! We must do this sometime. Eventually. :D
Carlythinkoverroses on August 24th, 2011 06:16 pm (UTC)
Well, we're not too far away from each other! Maybe we can meet up during a break sometime and do more pictures. :D Hell, Tiina and you are on the same line on the metro. XD Just on opposite sides.
Kyosuke: /psyduckkyosukekusaragi on August 3rd, 2011 03:15 am (UTC)
Don't worry about it, bro. At least it was useable. You can just make up for it next year because I'll need it done again. YOU CAN DO IT RIGHT NEXT TIME.
茉莉: Darker than Black ;; PIKA HEIvesperia on August 24th, 2011 03:25 pm (UTC)
I AGREE WITH THIS PLAN. And hopefully not at like midnight :|b
Kyosuke: I even suck at killing myselfkyosukekusaragi on August 24th, 2011 03:26 pm (UTC)
mynnymacmynnymac on August 6th, 2011 06:37 pm (UTC)
茉莉: Darker than Black ;; hurf durfvesperia on August 24th, 2011 03:25 pm (UTC)
eifie: Yay!sphenisciforme on August 11th, 2011 02:17 am (UTC)
Otakon was so fun! I want to go again next year but I have no idea where in the country I'll be then D:
茉莉: Tales of Graces ;; ☆vesperia on August 24th, 2011 03:26 pm (UTC)
:( IT'S OKAY, if not then you can at least say you've been once!!